Jul 21, 2014

Rotoms are one of my favourite Pokemon ever! I mean, look at how colorful and diverse they are *w*/

Made these animated Rotoms for the Pokemon shaming meme originally, but here are they being shameless! x3 You can check the “shameful” versions here from my side blog~

Jul 14, 2014

Tried out Emofuri again, this time with Eunice from Animal Crossing:New Leaf /w\

I was trying out zobobafoozie's style while drawing this, and the files ended up being way too big because I used shading >w>;\ Couldn’t save it as gif for tumblr use this time at all! I guess maybe it’s wiser not to shade when making tumblr friendly gifs indeed.

Eunice was one of my villagers. That was the first time I ever saw a sheep villager and how they transform the cloth patterns into the scarf, and I was absolutely in love with it! Sadly I wasn’t careful enough and let her moved out from my village /;w;/

Jul 4, 2014

odokoko said: How did you manage to use Emofuri? It's all ?s.

I installed it with Microsoft AppLocale, so it was all Japanese when I opened the program. (Or maybe that was because I installed some Japanese package on my computer beforehand as well) And that I know Japanese so it’s okay for me owo\

Maybe you can check this useful tutorial which tells you what the ?????s actually means though ^u^/ And then this one for how to make your PS files importable without much hassle!

Jul 4, 2014

Tried out Emofuri on Marshal from Animal Crossing. He fits well with all the default girly animation from the software :Bc

Also used ezgif for optimizing the gif files for tumblr use, this online app is soooo useful <33